Company profile

Company profile

新闻动态   |   2021-10-14

  STK (STK) was founded in the international financial center - New York, USA. STK is an outstanding broker of foreign exchange investment products and solutions for individuals and groups. It is a registered transaction service provider of NFA (registered regulation No. 0530061) and FINTRAC MSB regulation of Canada (No. M20768391).

  STK USES the best straight-through trading model in the market, also known as a no-trader platform, to eliminate human intervention and provide stable execution, eliminating the possibility of duplicate offers at all times. Through our best market practices, customers can obtain the most transparent quotations and trade at a very small spread. As a transaction broker in the straight-through transaction processing mode, each transaction executed by the client does not need to be processed in the background, but enters several top global Banks and liquidity providers in real time to match and execute the transaction at the inter-bank price. ZenithWealthex offers multiple banking access to more than 30 global currency pairs from more than 30 liquidity providers, allowing traders to obtain quality, real-time, streaming quotes for more than 30 global currency pairs to complete trades at highly competitive prices.

  At the same time, the platform combines international advanced ECN (Electronic Communications Network) +STP (Straight Through Processing) technology to provide inter-bank liquidity from a number of international Banks. Traders do not need to go through a Market Maker to access the real world of foreign exchange and precious metals trading. Orders are placed directly in the interbank Market and are executed quickly and automatically. Traders enjoy not only the transparency of direct entry prices, but also fair trading practices and a smaller spread when trading is active.

  STK is time-centric and highly values time and understands the importance of efficiency in a rapidly changing financial market. Every decision we make is to ensure that our clients, business partners, and our professional team invest their time wisely. Knowledge is power, and we relentlessly focus on training our clients to help traders get the most value out of their investments.

  STK is committed to provide the incomparable superiority of trading conditions in the foreign exchange industry, perfect education and advanced trading tools, through continuous focus on the localization of products and services, for all levels of the market, trading team, as well as foreign exchange enthusiasts to provide efficient, safe and fair trading environment and reliable professional services.