Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy


·       You fully understand that you will provide us your personal information, and to register the account, account management and account maintenance.

·       We are committed to your personal information is not sold or transferred to any third party, but the exception associated with the business operations of our company. These institutions include credit card processing and verification Center, law enforcement agencies, financial or other regulatory, audit and compliance Department (if you, or your company, is subject to FCA Regulation), and signed an agreement with us agents, etc.

·       If we can provide you with other services, your information may be transferred to affiliated Valbury Financial group's other subsidiaries.

We may be associated to other bond trading company to provide some personal information, but excluding any open position information.

·       The main channel for us to obtain customer information from the customer itself, but we also reserve the right to obtain information from other sources, such as credit rating agencies as well as voter registration lists, the anti-fraud Agency.

·       We may use the information already available through the direct or indirect marketing for customers or potential customers about new products or provides better service.

·       GLKFX All employees received comprehensive training for customer information confidential.

·       We keep all personal information as possible in safety computer based on storage devices. If it cannot be stored in a computer, we will save it in a secure way of paper documents. Any unauthorized personnel cannot access the stored information.

·       We will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of customer information and updates in a timely manner, but it is your responsibility to inform us about any changes in your personal information.

·       According to 1998 Promulgated by the United Kingdom under the data protection act, you have the right to obtain a copy of the information we hold on you, so that you can inform us of any inaccuracies. You can email us with your requests, and at the same time provide your authentication information. We will charge a fee for this service, charges will be sent to you before you copy information communicated to you. In accordance with the data protection act, the entire process is expected to take 40 days or so.

·       If users do not want to receive GLKFX News or promotional messages, you can always click on the bottom of the " Cancel your subscription " Link, since this user will no longer receive any GLKFX Message information.


·       GLKFX Headquarters address: 8 Baden Place, Crosby Row, London, SE1 1YW