Risk warning


Risk warning


·       GLKFX services offers foreign exchange and CFDs are margin trading products. So relative to other forms of investment, the product has a high risk and may cause you to lose more than your initial investment. All legal basis are in accordance with the 2000 years of the financial services and market implementation of the regulation on the implementation of the regulations.

·       Trading is margin trading by commodity price fluctuations, use line difference between the opening price and the closing price of the transaction for settlement. They may be different from your account base currency other currencies to settle. Therefore, the profit or loss you may suffer the effects of foreign exchange fluctuations.

·       Unless you fully understand all the potential risks as well as having sufficient resources, you should not make any margin trading. Because the market might not be as exciting as you think once the reverse move, you will pay the relevant deposit payment and transaction costs.

·       Margin trading is leverage, I mean, just need to add a small amount of money as a security deposit, you can do transactions in larger amounts. If prices move in a favourable direction, you will extend the benefit. But even small adverse price move may cause great damage to you, and you may need to get additional funds to maintain the position. If you want to open, you need to be responsible for any losses that occur. The potential profit or loss margin trading can be great, so when making a trading decision, you need to consider carefully.

·       Not all commodities can be 24 Hours, a lot of goods is governed by strict opening and the rest of the time, many also have strict opening and the rest of the time, and may have changed. We are committed to maintaining updated market information form (MIS) information, but its accuracy is not required to perform any of the duties and obligations. For example, State holidays and winter daylight saving time change affect your business hours. Some markets were closed for a variety of reasons, this timeframe, you usually cannot be traded.

·       You are use our trade prices, rather than Exchange. We provide price quotes based on Exchange, but depending on the market, and may be due to many factors vary with the underlying price volatility. All deals with us unwinding and liquidation.

·       GLKFX Provides independent funding for retail customers account. When customers open funds as,GLKFX retained the use of the funds of part or all of this right. In any case, even a separate capital account cannot provide absolute protection. All client funds are subject to FCA(formerly known as FSA) client money rules , regulatory license number is:540418. Unless otherwise stated, client funds to maximum 5 million pounds of financial compensation scheme (see deposit / withdrawals / balance provision).

·       If you have any questions about covering all aspects of Forex and CFD, then prior to the transaction, we recommend that you seek independent professional help or advice.

·       If you intend to trade the shares of your company, then prior to the transaction, consult your legal staff, that you did not violate any regulations.

·       Margin trading is not intended to replace or traditional methods, so may not be suitable for every investor. Every Forex investor, you enter the market before, you need to make prudent choices.