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Transaction method lies in the inability to market themselves and I'm selfish, I'm selfish and I was in the market!

If you can't profit if you've become profitable, but always break even complement each other, then take a look at this article again. This is my years of trading history summary, which I now truly invincible secret. Its core is light warehouse, homeopathy, accumulation, opening, stop, position, Matilda!

So-called fundamental or technical analysis, and analysis of these is to be verified, rather humorless predicted. (Prediction is not used as a basis for action! Just playing guessing games about it.

Never trust a prediction Too many subjective-as predicted, because forecasting is an illusion in the future, because forecasting is the focus of fear, because forecasting is actually represents the uncertainty, so don't believe any analysis. Next on non-price movements, provided you should learn to be non-null transaction.

Would you drive? No! Did you walk? Yes! It'll be OK. You have to reach a certain destination, you have to find the road and drove up first or feet up, and not to go against. Remember, not you to open the way of fate and reach your destination, but you see the path already exists, then go along the road to reach the destination. Under a single transaction, is to see the market first, and follow-up with market – here is not for the world first, is not predicted in the former, is not fantasy, you have to follow, moving; and then let the market lead you go part of the way, you will profit.

How far you can go? I don't know. How long will have to go to a callback? Don't know! Waiting for it. So you'll make fewer mistakes. If you start predicting price distance or length of time, or impatient, worried about losing profits, premature departure, then you left the road, then you will fall into the trap at this time or next time you will make a mistake, and that will make the biggest mistake ever.

Positions, and time-independent; and the distance of price movements rarely associated. If there is one, is the price movement had arrived or were about to cross the border, boundary of price movement. Is very recognizable. 15 minutes in the graphic above, yesterday's low, the early days of high and low points, EMA boundaries, and so on, are more or less marked, dash yourself clear. Don't want you to go to the smart thinking and concerns,k- line movement is so simple, you complicate it and himself for the loop, which has not lost it?   (The transaction itself is very simple, complex human nature itself!

Position and your patience, personal emotions, including your expectations or concerns, such as activities, has nothing to do! If you already lost.

Think about how you drive or walk. Do not think, just hit the road, walking and thinking the relationship between your legs, path and destination. Take the legs is your trading; path is the path of price movement and direction; destination is the boundary of the price movement, are you trading profit in the end. (To note here is that the destination in life always know in advance, but the destinations you are ready to explore the best of the price movement, follows. ) Section of the road, slowly, who after the first, who provides and who acts.

Do not worry prematurely, before don't worry after Wolf and tiger. Price path--trend in the games. The trend itself is a combination of distance and time extension, but this is a dynamic process, trends in size, not time and spreads to previously defined or premature to judge, at least, most of the market is. Moreover, traders need not be preconceived anticipation. In fact, following trading correct trading. And positions, and spreads and jet lag has nothing to do.

You and the tune did not profit, how many dollars do you want to profit, not how long the clear positions to do so that the exact data that will be reconciled? That is simply impossible and unnecessary . Trends and how much profit do not care and just go out in the market. Profitable simple point is to just follow the price movements and not against it. Market to nothing to do with you, you fight against him did he talk to you? So, if wrong, should be used to easy turn. But most people at this point, there are thousands, and weighed, unable to turn, slipped and lost.

2 Reading without interruption, do not stop your thinking, don't leave your actions, in your life, know the Taoist and Buddhist thought, keep quiet nothing, abandon the stricken, and uses the philosophy of common sense to guide your thinking and actions, keep your heart pure and free. (This sentence is very important! Mind what is simple? I understand there is no subjective thoughts, mind in a "null instead of an empty" State of empty, refers to the subjective without preconceptions; is not empty, referring to know to follow the objective, this so-called "fool". Empty, means is a real fool is not empty, means nothing is a lay down subjective. "Empty not empty" State of mind, a person's mind is free, freedom here refers to the face side up and down, without any sense of pressure or force, only loosely follow the gently, very free, isn't it? ), Abandoned because of those things, and profit and has nothing to do at all, it has nothing to do with your happiness, but too many people firmly pursue these does not relax too much, was impaired did not.

I said, "gaiwenshan medical student, Ling does not provide female Rhinoceros Tigers......", meaning that, good preservation of the lives of people, walking in the hills do not easily cut rhinoceros and Tiger thing ... ... Don't risk a trader, should not rush heavily because of desire or enter or left prematurely because of fear and doubt. Control the position of an honest, honest look at line followed the transaction after the market, this is the deal. If trading when ideas or to expect because of adverse psychological effects or concerns the deal, it would have been out of the nature of the transaction.

Now have a "trading psychology" aspects of the research, but the people who are talking about trading, will be adverse psychological events influence the correct process of trading behavior. In fact, if you are a mature trader, that the nature of profit and loss, and mental activities. But in this world, there are few who can see it (because not many people really understand trading, most are false intelligence. ) Up to his mental activity determines the behavior of people, while trying to control one's own mental state and the principle of trading methods. This is a typical immature trader psychology.

But in reality, you don't have to work so hard efforts. Just give up your idea, simply your behavior, in proportion to the light position, do some price trend follows the movements, positions as the price movement and profit big is small, this is the deal. (For this question, I would like to add a few words. Original author here would like to emphasize the mature traders operating without emotion or preconceived notions of mental activity, immature traders when the mood is great. In theory this is a correct conclusion. However, he said a man from immaturity to maturity was too simple and quick. Such people exist, but too little. The vast majority of people still need a psychological healing process, but this process is not short on time! Even some people spend a lifetime had no real improvement!

We must understand that, for the vast majority of people, cannot be 100% to keep your heart pure and free! The original author is probably a genius, said letting go down. We're not geniuses, we cannot neglect the psychological process of quality improvement. We must also be clear: even if we continue to improve the psychological quality and100% to let your mind remain pure and free and just as close to the destination, for the vast majority of people, is an elusive goal. But even so, we've got enough profit in the market! ), Which has so much in it? Inside, also controlled by these bad thoughts, uneasy and restless, heavily-headed, all losses, not asking for trouble to eat?

Traders must correctly understand trading. Be aware of positions and transactions are two different things. Trading is a verb, is a move, that's often done deliberately for frequent. The vast majority of people in the world if not the deal's uncomfortable, not frequenting trader who does not appear he is capable, not stare every day wise analysis and trading seems to not show the wisdom of the ground.

3 Positions are doing nothing for his position profit numbers follow changes in market trends and all the changes, but his heart and hands never worry too much or to easily change his position.

Trends completed, price movement will tell him to bag profits into, and this time, he naturally harvested its own warehouse, as to whether the next entry, how to enter, when entering, it depends on price trends, as well as his work and leisure time, profit opportunities always everywhere. (Here the author's view is a little inconsistent. Said transaction of trading is not that much, and look again. Contradiction is the contradiction of thought discussed, the operation inevitably contradictory. ) But oddly enough, so a simple way to make money, investors or traders do not always do it, why not? Fear is as I said, really profit makers in the "fool" keep quiet place full of soft, and those with "pleasure of trading" and "fighters" were "foolish wisdom" toss for sale. (This is the complexity of human nature.

Theory of Yin-Yang dialectic or the basic idea is that when you can't keep quiet when everything in the world changes, there is no need you to move, and move to follow around the world, this call should be fixed or with movement. (This statement of principle is, the question is how? Keeping quiet does not move when everything changes, applies to transactions, either to intervene or not to intervene the market, we are unable to predict the market all the time. Should be, it is necessary to have the right to follow an objective method, not words. ) For anything, are the product of mutual movement around the world condition, rather than the subjective wishes of the people, so individuals must keep waiting or play it by ear.

K Line movement and the behavior of traders, even more so. To static brake, static-dynamic, between the passive and active, stand against the weak, quiet female, is a real proactive way. This is the way we do things.


4 Traders should pay attention to the accumulation of great significance. "Bujikuibu without even miles away", "every little helps" and so on are accumulated in the said results would be great. Financial transactions also, market trends, is determined by each primary waves push and callback stack of waves, don't let every fluctuation, feel into the appearance of meaning, in fact, significantly you position still, at most recovery trend after light cangjiacang, (this is a little vague. Meaningful is that you can't position the words wrong, fixed standards of operation must be position. ) Rather than speculative fluctuations caused by mistake to you continuously move.

Trend consists of several small trend superimposed, positions they have patience to wait for, do trend of homeopathy; Similarly, if you enter and exit actions did much wrong is much you accumulated losses would be huge, if you want to put it back, also need to increase the capacity of doubling of. (Which is not necessarily so. Trend was indeed formed by the small trends add up, but not small trends can accumulate into a trend.

Less is not the patience to wait, but still, prices change rules most of the time running. How do indeed errors, but if the trading system is a system of probability of positive returns, in fact, operate small, or large levels, are positive returns, which in the original author's words, really few people will understand! That errors seem to be more, but the profit increase.

Look on the positive side, accumulated significant meaning with your warehouse returns compounding interest. Compound interest with great energy, but also from the heart free and static guard doing nothing. Imagine, you're not in heavily to Fife, adventure get away with short stroke, (speaking of positions, short-term these problems, many people have a problem, why? Because they do not have the right to deal with the trading system, in accordance with their own, others mishandled loss results. Do not understand people who follow the herd. Heavy short positions, beats out the problem isn't heavy short positions, beats itself, but rather "how to do"! ) But in you each are can light warehouse, and lasting of follow market, so with such of price poor scroll and cumulative times of increased, you of book profit also in constantly accumulated zoom, encountered clear of market, also can opening continues to followed, through followed trend of positions times and price poor scroll and time process of cumulative of way, even always by proportion type of light warehouse, you also can has is huge of harvest.

Instead, that wants to has rich type of trading of positions, heavy warehouse aggressive, frequently beats short, eager for quick success and, only know front interests, not know behind of various specific conditions will will at any time occurred changes, and itself is and no any should capacity of trading who, not in front on in follow-up, sooner or later will like for has fluke psychological and express speed driving even slammed red light as of was consequences as let you lost of is miserable, desire harm, this consequences General is car destroyed people died penny not left, then you again bitter experience has too late has.

Too many people are talking about light warehouse, trend unclear concept of opening them. Light warehouse, how light is light warehouse? Trend uncertain, what kind of trend is clear? These people have ideas, say a few words on this issue today.

Light warehouse, here are two: "Preparing to enter the market in the hands of money" and "hand preparing to enter the market of funding as a proportion of all of his assets." In General, involving capital from the financial markets should not over all of the assets of 50%, even if you have 99% of confidence in financial markets long-term stable profit, you have to watch out that 1% risk of accidents. Then prepare to enter the market, less all asset 50% fund the intervention issue? This is known as light and heavy warehouse said.

Temporarily does not define what is light warehouse or warehouse. We first of all need to understand is that "you have a probability of positive income of the trading system"? If not, then your results will always be "claims made", so even if you put the money into 100 parts,10000 or more, the end result still die, but die more slowly. So, my question is very clear, dead not dead, is no warehouse or warehouse, but if you have long-term, stable profitable ideas and methods.

For the trend uncertainty, For example, the Dow Jones industrial index is essentially a long-term upward trend, if you trade quarterly, year level, the upward trend is very clear, there was virtually no opportunity to leave. But Japanese level,60 minutes-or smaller-level operations, and there are many deeper pullback. Trends are clear, everyone's opinion is different.

Control of the market is not one, when you think the trend is clear, and open or opening, is the coast clear? Not too! You go in, the market began to look back. "Everything is possible" is the criterion of market!

Deal of probability. Talk about probabilities, to a specific system. The absence of a specific carrier, not much of probability. Why am I repeatedly stressed that deals with rules, not rules for trading, each time bicai top end of measuring subjective analysis of the results, some lists are also worse than subjective analysis. However, subjective analysis is one of subjective assumptions, including the so-called trend uncertainty is your subjective imagination. Because it is a subjective speculation, that there are no consistent rules to govern your transactions, then there is no probability.

For learners, trades must be light warehouse, because trading is not the real profit from trading, is to learn. Learning to drive, even for driving practice, it also is internship, must be slow.

However, once you test pass road, is 20-50 kilometers slower, please? Where is your ability to drive qualified? If driving, and was driving slowly, that is not a problem, it is a technical issue, please? Therefore, some idea of the original author or psychological problems because he doesn't care about mental improvement.

"Much more difficult" and "haste makes waste" , Anything in the process of development is bound to have many of the determination of the conditions of and impact of harmful, slow is good. Most accumulation is your fastest way to make money, (in order to prove his point, nonsense, huh, huh. Correct philosophy is a stable profit is way to wealth accumulation. ) And be sure that the power of compound interest is huge. (This is the right idea. The accumulation of wealth is dependent on time and compound interest. ) Compound interest, sometimes Algebra level of growth, sometimes level the development of infinite energy, just like bean sprouts makes staggering like a stone. To let yourself have the patience to see this huge gain. With time and accumulation of expansion in Exchange for wealth, because of different thinking and reality on the starting point, will let you in when the real great harvest comes, you can, in turn, feel, great wealth have spent some time, but really quickly, but also very safe. Therefore, the greatest wealth in the fastest way is such a safe position after another slowly accumulated profits come, there is no alternative.

Look for EMA, they'll price movement direction and path, they also often is the path of guardrail, and then draw a horizontal line until, up to see k- line combination of form, followed by k- line, it can be. (Very true!!! ) This is not for you to make highly technical indicators or trading methods, but you have to follow the market trend information or confidence. But in the final analysis, this still is a follow-the-following the high probability of moving average rule or k line combinations form the general trend, only when the index and k line form, you can enter and exit, rather than subjective early anticipation or impose any subjective will on the transaction. If you are a mature person, you don't have any indicator, bare disk operation can, because you see, follow.

As for fundamentals, only boring people go to see it. Therefore, the transaction is as simple as that. If you have to find clever ways, it's back to basics, purification of the mind, you need to regard themselves as "idiots", which is a practice, a State that most people can't really "idiots"! (Correct. But the process is not the psychological healing process? Westerners call it psychological improvement, we Chinese call it "enlightenment" and "Tao" sounds very vague words. ) Void inaction, there is no thought, not to predict, not anxiety, let the direction of price movement tells you how non-namely on the fields after him. Because the road where, what direction and how far the destination is never who you choose, not thou fairy predicted, you're way, is always being informed, is selected, followed. If you are on the road, then looked up and enjoy the scenery of roadside or at a distance, do not think about your feet.

A nutshell profits "Tao" are you in "all is vanity" followed by "profit".

People do anything that all "capabilities" the word computing power to study mathematics; ability to sport some singing ability, to be a singer; it was good strategy planning, you have a soft spot for power, and so on, that his basis for doing one thing.

Financial transactions, always profitable, whether he has the ability to profit at all?

If you are financial conglomerates or banks or investment banks ' Union, can do anything they want on the market, about the situation, which is competent, (error! Dow said very clearly, no one can move markets! ) But you will and political Alliance, have excellent economic wisdom these abilities, you must have solid capital strength allows you to play.

But the problem is, you're just a general trader, a few thousands of dollars, or only up to millions of dollars of investors. So you do not have any skills.

5 Someone asked, you said so much, you say you can profit, then you are not financial conglomerates, what are you doing blind derision here?

I come now to answer your question.

I always make a profit, but I'm not financial conglomerates, and not any profitability.

First, I have said above, now tell us this strange problem.

Financial transactions can be really profitable, stable and long-term profit, and the traders themselves actually do not have any relationship. You go, you will be able to profit, that is the market wants you to make a profit; you can't make a profit, that's your contrarian positions, the market didn't make you a profit. (One can do with the potential for (trend), and traders themselves or not, and what does it matter? This logic is a person to do anything, and their own independent, then what? Any behavior, are directed by the brain. The original author simply do not understand the motivation behind Maverick tried to explain human behavior, crap off!

Road to profit is that you can now follow the trend and position fixed. Your position does not move, and homeopathy, is your fix for the forces at work, not your ability to profit on the deal.

If you will make a profit, and that is certainly not what's your credit, nor do you have any deals, but your "road" played a role. (What is the nature of? You make a profit, of course, is your own credit! You "can" lay down subjective, close to the objective. Results of human behavior, behavior depends on people themselves and the human mind.

It is said that technical analysis of my ability, I have knowledge of fundamental judgments, I can predict the ability to market, it is a joke. (This view is right.

Technical analysis is a high probability of an event summary, I recognize the role he has on future market trends, but he mostly is summed up, and the second, technical analysis, mostly confined to a price on the stage, but in fact did not need to pay more attention to local movements will impact on the overall trend.

Fundamental predictions, I believe your ability is far worse. Even if you can predict, which is ambiguous.

Therefore, the deals just following the trend on the line.

Program, principles, policies, important not important? My answer is: I don't have those things, I never pay attention to them. I just light warehouse position, set the stop-loss prices follow earnings continue to light cangjiacang, that's all, (does not plan, rules and strategy? Oh, the original author in all these areas, in order to illustrate their own so-called road, denied accepted concepts. ) If said program, I only had these simple actions, in fact his principles or any other method, you are in the margin leverage transactions, you can do light warehouse, you can not only do damage? So I have no principles of strategy.

In short, do not boast themselves dizzy, he just gave you gifts. (Not gifts, but the market will reward and punishment. Do you understand the difference between? ) Is not what you have the ability to profit. (Follow the market isn't it? ) If you work hard on the trade market, or looking for a winning method, from now on, you should know that your transaction, there is no help.

But you were always negative, it really is about you, you were always doubts, you always look forward to, you always fear, you are always in the analysis you plan you provisions to comply with trading rules, but in fact is, you are always at a loss. (All in all, a result of guiding ideology of the behavior and implementation of such a close relationship, and guiding ideology is the soul of man. Therefore, behavior and people concerned! Otherwise, it is not responsible for murder.

Transaction method, is that you can't. (Not really not, but no fixed method. String system is law, but the law of averages change with changes in the market. ) Remain outside the market, positions in homeopathy, and woke up in fulfillment of the cut, after good earnings. World of Sans-Souci, known in the beginning can know, the market and I'm selfish, I'm selfish and I was in the market.