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Transaction exposure of foreign exchange


Forex trading risk

All Forex traders, exist in the trading losses. 90% trader over the loss is due to the lack of trading schemes and trade training as well as the result of poor money management. Similarly, if you have to hate losing, and pursue perfectly safe, you will also take a long  time to adapt to the transaction. Win orders that are placed too far, not according to the amplitude of the objective law, does not take into account the vast majority of cases, a

Secretary is reluctant to pursue " Home run " But for various reasons, failed to reach the expected 蔵 location  back and inverts pounced on stops or hanging in the air. So what solutions do we have? Of course, here we provide you with a solution:

1. homeopathy for when the single market, an important resistance or support level caution; oscillating intervals, simply resting or when the next breakthrough is in the pending order.

2. set the stop position for technical basis , and in accordance with market 5~30 room for normal single market can be less rushed too hastily, and unilateral oscillations, should pay more. In order to balance mental, compound stops can be used when the judge hesitated, some positions add, some positions do not. Best use stops to protect profits, and higher win profit possibilities.

3. the Exchange rate does not fit don't force the market, predicting breakthroughs , and with reference to breakthrough in ambushes in the market. Breakthrough forecast you want to look at the short bar , find the key resistance or support positions.

4. set win to technology , and according to market 5~30 room for normal  single market can be less rushed too hastily, and unilateral oscillations, should pay more. In order to balance mental , judge  to decide whether to composite type can win some positions to win. Best Chase win. It is chased into a stop.


Before they actually enter transactions forecast to win time and conditions of the turnaround, one of two have been met but did not win, and should reconsider the disk, depending on the new single under the same transaction, heavy stop-loss, take profit, you can even consider flat out. Stop-loss is any financial transaction, it must first of all learn a lesson. As any good offensive strategy is based on the defensive. In the foreign exchange market, misconception and human behavior led

We always let the mounting losses. Successful Forex trading as a successful life and career, is decided by the level of our loss of control. If you really want to be a savvy Forex trader must learn how to let  losses become smaller. Learn how to correctly treat a loss, this is the key to success. In fact, it's not that hard, we have all the resources to solve this problem , and you want to start those resources, you need us

Determined to abide by the  Trading system of discipline and instruction. We want to learn the spirit of Murphy's law, always ready to prevent the worst from happening. The best hope, make the greatest efforts and prepare for the worst. Never has not decided where you exit, in a hurry to start a transaction. That is never without stop start a transaction.

To exit, and then forward. Political art in practical trading forever. Has an iron-clad will firmly carry out your orders are always stick to your pre-set stops. It looks very easy. But only a few of the exciting ambition and willpower of the trader can have enough self-discipline to achieve this requirement. So difficult is the result of what? After all, the stop out is clear

To admit that the judgment was wrong. This behavior will certainly not bring about human nature desires that feeling of pride, nor maintain a fragile self-esteem of people. But the real financial transactions we have learnt to overcome these lethal factors in human nature. They have become with eye-popping stops work of experts. They can do this because they have trained for those positions that are not valid without

Method of tolerance , And the error signal will come out about these positions exist. Never hold the wrong position. It's really hard to do, because we have the human shortsightedness and inert. If you can't adhere to the system  of stop-loss orders issued, first make settled habits of some positions. After all the practice broke up with two opposing  impulses, get rid of end loss position of impulse and the expected loss won the help of Feng. BU

Into two psychological problems, Forex traders will usually get a higher degree of sober and mental concentration, when their hearts  State return to neutral , balanced out, allowing independent thinking and decision-making. From the psychological level , traders noticed that they is no longer so difficult to stop instruction is executed, it will feel better. How to deal with the remaining positions : the problem still exists, but because some of the positions have been solved, psychological

Neutral attitudes , Take out  A viable option easier. In foreign exchange trading, people realize that the market there is a hypnotic ability , prices like the hypnotist hands of  hypnotic bars that it leads traders to simplification , which slowly into a hypnotic state, then trap on the market. So, he found it necessary to keep a certain distance with the market. If you were sitting in front of a computer,

 Constantly monitors the exchange rate to rise, it will eventually take away your trading profits for a long time.  This process, commonly known as " money ", and traders in the process be hypnotized. Fear deep into the subconscious  , and mention the high uncertainty in every moment of consciousness, makes it impossible to focus on a certain trading  strategy, and the right strategy will ultimately determine how much we can benefit. We finished

All lost  Easy to control. Too focused on the " profit and loss account ", and not " follow the market trends ", will lead to unwise, lack of accordance of the subconscious and the impulse response. Traders must make sure that their current trading position and direction is in line with current market trends. Just follow the market trends, profits will come naturally.

" Counting money " Habits are usually junior traders made wrong. This kind of behavior not only deficit trader in substantial revenue, but also contributed to the persistent uncertainty, can cause destruction to the fear of loss is a trading mood. To change the " money ": habit, we need for every transaction, sets the selling price of two protective

To sell your entire position. Every transaction you do should have an entry point and the two exit points ( stop position and win goals ). Stops are designed to protect, win in order to make a profit. Of course, if you are a trend following trading so you'd better use a Chase into the stop-loss as stop loss and win in one tool. Positions held by only when you reach your stop-loss or take profit when sold, whichever occurs first.

This principle. Traders need to put the fate of each transaction in their trading strategy, rather than in their own greedy attitude, or fear. Don't expect to survive in the market, don't care about immediate gains and losses, want to care about right now is in line with the market trend. However, if you're just forcing the above when , If you can't refrain from the urge to sell in advance,

Method of composite can be used to sell. In advance you want to sell , sell only part, keep the rest of that part of the position until the policy permits the selling point. In this way, you can satisfy your desire to sell, while preserving the integrity of your trading strategy.

In foreign exchange trading , Market participants can use a variety of time periods, you can use days, hours, minutes can also be used. In multiple time frames, many market participants are making a common mistake: buying in a time frame, and selling in another time frame. The " convert " box  problem is just a reason to ignore stop, stop-loss is the only protection against catastrophe.

This deeper problem is the failure to insist on consistency in operations. We are mainly speaking in operation by the time frame moved to delay selling. By transfer from one time frame  to another time frame trader delay be the loser eventually. A fragile plan to hide their failures , by creating false hope freak myself out into a deadly denial.

Traders who made this mistake in fact not suitable for trading, the market will not tolerate their pretend for too long. Ultimately, mistakes will erode the framework of transition time trader commitment, ability to deprive them of their freedom of thought and action , they were always relegated to the victims of the tragic. This time frame is the fatal error cannot allow it to exist, we must eliminate, because each

Once made this mistake , So that the transaction is contrary to the principle of consistency of the transaction, once a habit is formed, it is difficult to break. Generally speaking, if you buy in one time period, so be sure to set up your selling point within the same time frame. You can sell within the lower time frames, but not at a higher time frame decided to delay selling. In other words, sell the decision-making time frame can be lower than the buying time frame, but not more

Gao. As time goes by, you can turn down the stop-loss of space, but not turn stop space , going long ( empty) when not down (on) adjusting the stop (exit 1). If you attempt to stop the expansion / then this name you often make errors a major signal of conversion time frame. Upward adjustments to protect gains , but downward adjustment of stop loses its meaning, and will make you more reluctant to do things that you intended to do.

Once you take this action, you will do so again and again, until the loss of the ability to protect you from disaster. In the actual transaction, we see a lot of consecutive losses traders made such a mistake. On foreign exchange transactions, it is natural that action needs to be confirmed before. But the truth is almost always to fortune in financial transactions to those who don't need to know more to wise man of action. Who much money market

, Big profit opportunities always appears before the facts show. Before the next deal-making who wants to know the exact direction of the market will always be a step behind, and always at the wrong side. Those not bound by omniscient need traders to act freely. When they truly understand the wisdom of uncertainty, they became the chart-makers, rather than chart reader. The point here is that when you know all the facts,

Wait, already ran. Some had grown up in " greenhouse " traders are always looking for danger exists , nothing wrong with this, the key is that they always avoid action to solve this problem. " Waiting for the market to confirm exactly how you judge " was trading in two deadly habit, a trader at the time of the Act does not take action, should not take  action and encourages you accurately action errors. We play is a probability, not algebra ,

Until all the facts are clear and then trading trader will never succeed. In order to overcome this pursuit of zero-risk preferences, use the chart to form your buying and selling decisions. Don't wait for the market to have completed your judgment, to admission in the Forex trading, when you find yourself hesitating, but because you want to know more information, then immediately stop and ask yourself:" I am looking for something that is necessary for trade, or am I just looking for more comfort

Clothing ?" This problem will end chaotic behavior. Most traders do not understand this because they do not realize when profit for a long time after the kind of market environment they are familiar with some of the features are going to change. In fact, in many cases, the market environment and the opportunities it brings have been changed. China's stock market, rose

Fell system was established, the stamp duty on adjustment has a greater impact on market structure. It is no longer that  easy to start trading on the first day of the market. It has different characteristics and a different set of opportunities.  However, it is when the market is about to change, inexperienced traders started to become complacent, raised high his chips, risk. Unaware of the string of victories that gave him rings

Border is green does not exist. You should learn in each successive gains, take a step back; when the deal went very smoothly, try halving the number of chips you trade; when the deal went very smoothly, calculated to reduce the frequency of transactions.