Desktop terminal


Desktop terminal


Download MetaTrader 5 for Windows 

        MT5 is an advanced, convenient and popular trading platform. The MT5 platform provides you with the ultimate solution for online trading, technical analysis, and intelligent trading, as well as all the support to help you improve your trading level.     



                    ●  The main function

                      Support EA

                       ●  Foreign exchange up to 1000 times leverage                                    

                    ●  Foreign exchange, precious metals and contracts for difference (CFDs)

                    ●  The MT4 platform supports 30 languages

                    ●  Ultimate charting function      

                    ●  Simple line analysis

Explore our MT5 platform

Exchange, precious metals and contracts for difference (CFDs)

        Considering that diversification is an important strategy in your risk management, our MT5 platform offers a variety of trading varieties and types. You can choose from a variety of currency pairs, gold, silver, indexes, and CFDS on the MT5 platform.

Use EA to automate your transactions

        Embed your strategy into the MT5 platform and let it trade the way you want. You can automate transactions with intelligent transaction systems (EAs). We have no restrictions on EAs, so you can continually backtest and optimize the EAs until you are satisfied with its performance and start automating transactions.

Make an informed decision

        MT5 platform, as forex software, contains advanced charting and more than 30 technical indicators to support your trading analysis. We hope you can take full advantage of the platform's capabilities to create a comprehensive view of the market. That's why we offer the analytics suite for free to real customers. You will receive market analysis audio covering all major asset classes, insightful technical analysis reports, and cutting-edge chart shape recognition tools.